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The therapeutic benefits of the horse were recognized from the year 460 b.c by Hipócrates, nevertheless the Hippotherapie occurs as a therapeutic discipline when of the young LIS HARTEL, silver medal in equestrian training, would surprise the world and the therapists in the Olympic Games of Helsinki in 1952. In spite of her sequel of polio motivating to initiate medical studies on the Hippotherapie.

Currently, there are 200 centers of this type in Canada and more than 450 in the United States. In our country it began in the middle of the 70´s in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco and currently in Mexico city, Querétaro, CD. Juárez and Merida whose activities initiated from 1998.

EHUI, A.C maintains strait contact in Sonora State since 1999 with national and foreign associations with its multidisciplinary team highly qualified in different areas from the medicine: Rehabilitation, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Psychology, Speech therapy, as well expert in veterinary medicine specialized in horses and technical experts in training.

Since it is a medical treatment evaluating the patient at the beginning and with pursuit of his clinical evolution without losing of view that is not a school of riding nor of other equestrian arts.